Lucky Goldbricks
Lucky Goldbricks




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  • Special Features

    Bonus Game, Jackpot

  • Paylines

    30 paylines

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Main Game

Bonus Game

Bonus Game


“Turn Stones into Gold Bricks and stack up their value, making the Payouts skyrocket.” After entering Free Game, first select the Gold Bricks in the Turn Stones into Gold Bricks, and then enter the 7 Rounds of Free Games to win large amounts of Gold Brick Bonuses. During Free Games, player can get more than 5 BONUS Gold Bricks. Player can then select Gold Bricks in the Turn Stones into Gold Bricks to stack up their value, earn more Rounds of Free Games, and the cycle keeps going on and on! In addition, there are three kinds of Big Jackpots for player to earn a fortune overnight. So come and try out the luck, and enjoy the unique charm of Turning Stone into Golden Bricks!