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Elf Bingo
Elf Bingo


  • Type of game


  • Special Features

    Free Game, BINGO, JACKPOT

  • Paylines

    50 lines

  • Publish Time


  • Supported Languages


Join the enchanting world of Leprechauns and their magical abilities to make your wishes come true. Every spin in this game offers you the opportunity to win Leprechaun's coveted gold coins, although they won't part with them so easily. We're introducing a fun bingo game where, by completing a line of gold coins, you get to claim all the winnings that have piled up!

At the end of the rainbow, a treasure trove of Leprechaun's wealth awaits. When your bingo lines align with the JACKPOT symbol at the rainbow's end, it's your chance to unlock the door to good fortune and aim for the ultimate prize at the end of the rainbow – a substantial JP jackpot!

Come and engage with these mystical Leprechauns, make a wish, and see if you can turn your dreams of wealth into reality